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Many of us struggle with change especially when there is a lot of change happening at once. How can we cope when there is a great deal of change happening and it feels as if we are spinning too many plates? And we might drop one… 1 Embrace Change. Although change...
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I was cycling around Richmond Park recently with my partner, it was a sunny afternoon, the deer eyed us with curiosity as we cycled past. As well as being enjoyable, exercise and team sports can massively help our career in many ways; here are 5 of them… 1 Exercise sh...
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Watching Blue Planet 2 recently, I was amazed by the beauty and wonder of the oceans.  Also with the awesome things that were happening beneath the waves. Many of the creatures of the ocean were so smart too; there were many lessons in the way they live, work and play w...
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Despite the challenges and difficulties of modern day life - we have it easier than many generations before us. This week I am wearing a poppy with pride and gratitude to my granddad and all the earlier generation who suffered unimaginable hardships so that we have...
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