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How to deal with Career Change!

Many of us struggle with change especially when there is a lot of change happening at once. How can we cope when there is a great deal of change happening and it feels as if we are spinning too many plates? And we might drop one…

1 Embrace Change. 
Although change is part of life, it’s common for people to resist it. The interesting thing is that often the times we resist the most can be the moments that lead us to the right place i.e. when we hate our job or we realise we are in the wrong area and we need to work out what to do next or when we are made redundant and we start that dream business.

Remember a time in your life when you were afraid of a big change, maybe you felt overwhelmed or lay awake at night anxious and worrying about the future. But now today you understand that whatever was happening then, you got through it, you reached the other side and everything was fine and oftentimes better. Maybe you even think back on that change you were once so scared of as one of the best things that ever happened to you.

While resisting change can shrink us and keep us stuck, embracing change, dancing with change, trusting it, challenging though it may be, is the secret to moving forward in your life. Welcome change, it’s the key to a dynamic life.

2 Use the right language to motivate yourself. 
How you talk to yourself can make a big difference when going through change. Because your brain does what you instruct it to do, it’s a great idea to make what you want sound desirable and exciting and what you don’t want less attractive. So, to communicate with yourself more effectively, make it as enticing as possible i.e. I’m ready for a change, I want a new job, it’s exciting to be looking for something different…

3 Stay strong and keep your confidence high. 
When you are going through a period of change, it’s important to be confident and keep your mindset positive. Remember what’s great about you, and remind yourself of it often. What do you know to be true of you? What do you know to be special about you? If you would find more of a boost helpful you can also ask your friends and family what your strengths are. Keeping our confidence high makes it easier for us to navigate periods of change.

4 Something has to stay constant, there has to be something you can rely on. 
Change can be a good thing, but when there are a lot of things changing at once it can be tough as most people crave stability. Having a constant, whether it be exercise, going for a run or to the gym or calling your family every day can provide stability during times of change.

When it’s everything that’s changing, that’s not ideal, it’s even more important to keep a structure or routine. Otherwise what can sometimes happen is one thing changes, another thing changes, and then a third thing changes, there is a domino effect and then good habits can go out of the window (and just when you really need them the most too)

Having core fundamentals keeps us grounded, whether it be calling your best friend, going to your local church or going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that it happens every day.

As the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change” How do you want to deal with change in your life?


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