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"Time in Elizabeth's company is time well spent. Insightful. Intelligent and easy to talk to about things that aren't easy to talk about. 

Do yourself a favour - go and talk to her now!"
Cosmo Landesman - Sunday Times

Claire got a Job she Loves

"Having Career Coaching with Beth has been extremely helpful. I'd reached a point in my career where I needed to make some choices in terms of my work and also work in the context of my life as a whole. 

Working together got me to think about different models that could work, what was important to me, and how to approach this. Often it was about asking questions of myself, others and just taking the next step. But it was incredibly effective. Small things have resulted in big, positive changes. 
We also covered practical, behavioural ways to deal with conflict and also to ask for what I wanted & needed (both of which I had found quite difficult). Her support took the stress off the job situation, and the coaching also helped me to look for and see other options that took the anxiety away.

I now have a great job that I love; I don't think I would be in this job if I hadn't had Beth as a coach during this period. I've also benefited in other areas of my life due to Beth's fun, warm, holistic approach. 

I would highly recommend doing a programme with Beth if you are looking for someone to work with who can help you make positive changes, quickly and easily. Thank you Beth." 
Claire, Marketing 

Graham doubled his income...

"Beth’s specific coaching around mindset and confidence has helped me tremendously in my career. This, as well as support with job hunting, interviews and my Cv has given me the confidence to obtain a significant salary increase that is beyond what I considered possible when I met her.

Working with Beth also helped me to deal with the increased pressure and responsibilities that came with each new role and promotion. Her coaching helped me stay positive and focused on my goals. My income has increased 100 percent since I began working with her. She is a fantastic Career and Executive Coach, I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough."
Graham, Finance Director 

Gareth got the solutions he needed

"I have had several sessions with Elizabeth Sullivan over recent months. My life is usually stressful for a variety of reasons but principally as a result of the job that I do. I regret that my nature is a dyed in the wool sceptic prevented me from meeting Elizabeth sooner because I can honestly say that her input into my method of coping with my particular pressures has been of immeasurable help.

When one talks to Elizabeth she listens. She does not (as so many people seem to do) hear what you say with a view only with jumping back in to voice their own viewpoint immediately. She suggests solutions. They work for me. Elizabeth is insightful, thoughtful and above all very kind. I thoroughly recommend her services."
Gareth, Lawyer

Catherine's performance and productivity went up!

"Beth is a great career coach, working with her really helped me stay focused and concentrate on getting results in my business. My performance and productivity also really improved when I was working with her. 

We covered starting and maintaining the habits that helped me and my business to thrive. Working with her made such a difference. Highly recommended!"
Catherine Carleton, Legal Recruitment

Elizabeth got a New Job...

"Coaching has really built up my confidence, I now have the confidence to leave my job"
Elizabeth, Communications - received her new job offer within one month of starting Coaching  

​Alyona's Living the Dream

"After working with Beth I have a new and more enjoyable job. And I have less anxiety about the future now, I feel that after years of various issues, all areas of my life have come right. 

Everything is going so well and I am so happy and content that sometimes I am amazed at how quickly things have changed. I am very grateful to Beth for that!"
Alyona, Lawyer

Melita's more confident...

"Beth is a very talented coach and hypnotherapist who delivers results. I engaged her for hypnotherapy to help get to sleep more easily and to overcome anxiety and an overactive mind. Beth took the time to really listen to and understand my concerns and coached me through a wide range of solutions, addressing personal and professional areas. 

Beth crafted personalised hypnotherapy sessions that specifically addressed my needs and cut to the core of underlying reasons. Furthermore she provided comprehensive ‘homeplay’ activities and was excellent at follow up. As a result I experienced improvements in sleep quality, calmness and overall confidence within 2 months.

I can highly recommend Beth’s coaching services, her professionalism, follow through and ability to generate lasting results."
Melita Long, Career Coach

Andrea was at a crossroads

"I went to talk to Elizabeth because I was at a crossroads in my career. We talked about my next steps, how to progress in my career and get the next job right. Now I have a plan, I feel a lot better, I know I am on the right track and that it will come together. Thank you Elizabeth."
Andrea Mattis, Communications Strategist

Improvements at work...

"Working with Beth has been an absolute pleasure. I found her advice on relationships not only invaluable and insightful in my personal life, but it also had a positive impact on my relationships with friends and work colleagues. I would whole heartedly recommend working with Beth to greatly improve your relationships in all areas of your life including business." 
Sharmela, Lawyer

Mary got Results Straightaway

"Sessions with Beth helped me improve my relationships at work, I noticed the results straight away. I really recommend doing a program with Beth"
Mary, Marketing

Alex aced her interview!

"I went to see Beth because I was wanting to leave my job. And once we started work things happened very quickly. The first job I went for, I was offered the job, then and there at the end of the second interview, which had never happened to me before. I then received my new job offer letter one month to the day of starting coaching.

As well as being great at helping me prepare for the interview, her support helped me get on top of my new job and get up to speed quickly. With Beth by my side, I was able to make the most of my work, enjoy it and be super productive. I felt I could focus and concentrate better than ever before. Beth is an amazing Career Coach, I would recommend working with her without any hesitation."
Alex Berndt, Business Development

Elizabeth helped Lucy in her business

"Elizabeth is a fabulous coach, enough knowledge to know how to help, enough wisdom to know in which way to help and enough personality to ensure customers also enjoyed the coaching.

Beth has helped both my business and I enormously and I recommend her unreservedly."

Lucy Long, Health Insurance

Diamonds can be made with less pressure...

"I was very lucky to experience the professional services of Elizabeth Sullivan at her consulting rooms in Bloomsbury. Having been involved in neuroscience and NLP for 20 years I have had a huge range of experience in this field. 

Elizabeth has evolved a coaching process that produces both calmness and increased positivity. It demonstrably reduces stress levels (and the nasty hormone cortisol associated with prolonged stress.) She is very good at getting a reduction in the levels of pressure you experience and there is a feeling of genuine care in her services.

I can recommend her coaching to anyone that has pressure and stress in their daily lives and am positively referring her to organisations with a high level of absenteeism and stress related illness."
Tim Dingle, Trainer

My Dream Job

"I've just been made permanent at my dream job!
Thank you Beth" 
Marina, Accountant

Tosh refocused...

"We all have busy lives and hectic schedules and often neglect to focus on our own well-being. I am quite used to operating on little sleep and always being on the go. Last month I arranged to work with Beth to see if her coaching could help me feel less hectic. 

I went with an open mind and explained how I was feeling. The process she took me through has left me feeling more relaxed, refreshed and refocused on what I needed to do. In short I recommend seeing Beth to anyone who needs to feel more refreshed and refocused. Go and see her, it will do you nothing but good."
Thushara Polpitiye (Tosh), Solicitor

Deciding between opportunities

"Beth has been invaluable in providing me with career advice. She helped me decide between two career opportunities by helping me identity my key personal priorities. 

She is very astute with the ability to advise on how to manage stakeholders & tips on how to navigate through office politics. Above all she is a real pleasure to work with."
Tanya Eng, Marketing

Priya finished her MSC on time

"Beth’s career coaching was enormously helpful, it helped me connect the dots. I went from being stuck and unable to finish my MSC, to resourceful and able to progress it.

She helped me create a power state which I used whenever I had a wobble and it gave me the impetus to get it done. And I did get it done. What she did for me was so massive, I submitted my paper on time. Thank you so much for all your help."
Priya Ekanayaka, Hypnotherapist

Victoria's Getting Going in a New Industry

"Career coaching with Elizabeth was really useful, I realised I could use some of my current experience to get going in another industry.

Her coaching included the career steps I needed to take to create financial security and ways to build up my knowledge so I can live my values and come across as an expert at work. Thank you Elizabeth"
Victoria Daramola, Sales

The secret to multitasking without losing yourself

"I went to see Beth at a particularly busy time of my life. I was juggling a number of vastly different activities and wanted help to avoid getting lost in the mire of multi-tasking and instead find a way to give my full attention and focus to each task at the allocated time, before moving onto the next.

Following my program I experienced a noticeable improvement in my ability to focus on each task in turn and apply concentrated effort to whatever I was working on at the time, rather than be constantly distracted by all the other things I had to do. This enabled me to be much more efficient with my time and energy and more productive overall. 

What I really liked about Beth's style of working is that she took the time to fully understand what I was hoping to achieve and what a successful outcome looked like to me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their ability to focus, concentrate and get things done."
Tricia, Wellness Professional 

New job in fashion!

"I approached this job with everything you told me and things have really fallen into place. I really enjoyed the coaching and I'm enjoying my new job now too, thank you"
R Marasco, Fashion Startup.

Veronika passed her Bar exam with honours!

"Elizabeth made me see that there is always a way to achieve what I want, we search together for solutions and never fail to find them. This has given me the confidence I need, so since I've been working with Elizabeth the changes in my life have become clearly visible.

I have achieved honours in my bar exam, successfully asked for a pay rise and smoothly took over the work from my boss when she left. Elizabeth is teaching me how to build good functioning relationships in my professional as well as personal life which is crucial in my life. I only wish I'd found her sooner but I'm so happy I did."
Veronika Kinclova, Lawyer


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