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How to Get your Motivation Back!

We all need motivation, motivation is what gets us out of bed in the morning and helps us achieve anything. When we have it in abundance we are unstoppable, and when we lose it, it can be hard to get anything done. Here’s how to kickstart your motivation and get it back… 

A key component of motivation is excitement, when we are motivated we feel stirred to action. Remember back to the start of a project or a new job or the beginning of a business when every day you were doing something new.

One of my clients was building an app, he started last October, it was a dream of his for 10 years, and in the beginning it was all great, everything was a milestone, like building a house when you lay the first stone, everything was a first. He was making great progress and he had a sense of achievement. Six months down the line though, he was struggling, he had lost his momentum and wasn’t making much headway.

When we discussed what was happening, it turned out he felt he couldn’t celebrate building different parts of the app after the first initial mileposts i.e. he didn’t feel there was anything he could celebrate again till the App was finished. And not celebrating his progress, he lost his feeling of accomplishment. To get it back, using the metaphor of the house, he needed to revel in finishing each and every part of the project.

He needed to find a way to pat himself on the back all throughout. When he started writing out his goals each evening, the one or two things it was urgent for him to get done the next day, and he then attained them he had the same sense of exhilaration and reward as he had in the beginning. And he got his mojo and motivation back, he got back in the driving seat and moved from stalled into 3rd and then 4th gear.

I challenge you to think, what can you do to celebrate your successes and feel more excited about what you are doing today? 


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