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5 Steps to Making 2024 the Best Year of your Career!

New Year has come around again, all the celebrations, all the hopes, optimism, dreams and possibilities... So, what is it you need to do to make your career dreams a reality?

1 Take stock by doing a review of your year. When we are wanting to make changes, it's always best to do so from a place of confidence and self - belief, so looking at your accomplishments in the last year is a great place to start.

What were your biggest achievements in 2023? How are things different from this time last year? How have things improved from last year? What were you disappointed by or haven’t yet accomplished? If you are still keen, why not make this the year to achieve them.

Have a think, what do you want more of in 2022? If this could be your dream year in your career – what would need to happen?

2 Set Goals, what Career results/outcomes do you want in 2024? 
Clarity is key, without knowing exactly what you want, how can you achieve it. Have a think, what needs to change for you to be happier and more successful in your career? What are your top career goals? What would you be thrilled to tick off at the end of the year?

3 When you are writing up your goals, as well as building on your strengths make sure to pay some attention to your weaknesses i.e., if you are a high achiever at work but don’t take as much time for work relationships, make them a priority too. One of my clients came to me because he was starting a new job and wanted to get off on the right footing with all the stakeholders in his new role. He had had a successful career but in his last job he had found that his progression and some of the things he wanted to achieve had been blocked by the people he hadn’t taken the time to build relationships with. 

He also realised he was missing a big opportunity by not being comfortable with the senior people in the business. If you want people to support you, making sure you have strong relationships with them can pay dividends, if you are ambitious you need people who will support you to achieve your goals. 

Being likeable and having good relationships can also help when you are looking for a new job, and with job interviews too. As well as wanting somebody competent who can do the job, people also want someone they like and trust. People often think building their career is about being great at their job, obviously that's important, but also being able to build your profile and be someone people like and want to endorse and recommend are also key. How strong is your people currency?

4 Know your why. As Simon Sinek says – inspiration comes from knowing your why. What is your purpose, what are you truly motivated by? Perhaps you want to get that promotion because you are keen to progress in your career, perhaps you need a new job, a new environment and a fresh start... Or maybe you just want to go work with orangutans in Africa. Be aware, listen to that inner voice.

5 Get a Career Coach that can hold you accountable. Having someone to report back to makes all the difference. It makes you do the things that you don’t want to do, the difficult things, the things that you are putting off that are important and that will really move you forward in your career and towards your goals.

Wishing you a wonderful 2024! And if any of this is of interest, I look forward to speaking to you soon...


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