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Is Now the Right Time for a Career Change?

How are you feeling about your career? Right now, right today. If you could go back in time to when you started your current career, knowing what you know now, would you still do it? Or do you wish you had chosen something else? If you would do it all over again fantastic, if you are not so sure or your answer is no or no way – maybe it’s time for that change. Here are 3 of the most common signs you are in the wrong career… 

1 You realise you don’t like your job. Have you ever had that little voice in your head that says I don’t like my job that much any more or I’m not getting a lot out of this? Have you been pushing that voice down or not wanting to listen? One of my clients didn’t want to admit that she didn’t enjoy what she did because she had no idea what else she could do. It was only when she was moving from South Africa to London that she had a sudden insight on the plane - she thought ‘I don’t enjoy banking’. It was only in that gap (between countries and jobs) in that in between place that there was space for that realisation that the truth revealed itself - she was unable to push it down any longer. A lot of people have been having these realisations during the pandemic too. 

if you have a voice inside your head telling you don’t like your job - why not listen, because life is short, we only have around 30 000 days so why spend those days doing something you are unhappy at? Why not spend this short life of 30 000 days doing something you hate when you could be doing something you are passionate and excited about?

2 You can’t wait for the weekends and on Sunday evenings you aren’t looking forward to Monday. Do you live for your weekends? You can’t wait till Fridays - the weekends are everything for you, you get almost all of the pleasure in your life and most of the fulfilment from the weekends. 

And when Sunday night comes around, you feel a bit flat, because tomorrow you have to go to work (or these days – it’s often working from home of course) And if you don’t get on particularly well with your boss or your team working at home can be a lot easier – but when it's as fundamental as being about not enjoying the work and being unhappy and unsatisfied it's time to make a change.

3 Reaching the top in your current career holds no appeal for you (or it's not even possible) One of my clients realised he was in the wrong place when he was working as an accountant – he was working for a great firm, he loved the people – great social life, good money, free lunch (meals) everything was fantastic – it was just the work.

He kept doing it, trying to make himself like it because everything else was so good and as time went on, he realised he still wasn’t liking the work. And one day it became clear – his father said to him encouragingly, would you like to be a partner at your accounting firm? And he thought about it and he realised that he didn’t - in fact he couldn’t think of anything worse (because he already found it a bit stressful, and there would be even more pressure if he was partner...) If progressing or reaching the top in your current field is of no appeal or not even possible for you – it’s a sure sign that you are in the wrong place.  

If you are in this place and want a change but don’t know want to do next, come and see a Career Coach and find out what you are best suited to so you can enjoy the every day – not just the holiday...


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